EFT is a highly documented therapy. YouTube has made it easier for EFT practitioners around the world to present their methods, results and discoveries. Gary Craig has said that we are on the ground floor of the EFT high-rise and there is lots of space to grow upward. The videos below are just a sample – more free EFT videos can be found here.
Notice: Due to the prevalence of videos many DIY enthusiast unfortunately think they 'already know' EFT. Gary Craig calls these people 'surface' EFT practitioners as that is as far as their abilities goes – working on the surface of issues and unable to go deeper. These inability to go deeper led to misconceptions that EFT cannot resolve deeper issues. We do not want this to happen to you. So we encourage you to attend proper training with approved certifying bodies which the EFT Chapter of Malaysia has the credentials being MSCM regulated and approved under the Complementary Medicine Act 2012. 
The Tapping Solution – The first full length documentary on EFT, energy therapy, abundance and physical and emotional trauma. Features energy and abundance experts – Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Carol Look, Joe Vitale, Cheryl Richardson and more. More information –

The Oaxaca Project – Amazing video on EFT's impact at the Hospital in Mexico in order to help children with cancer.

Here are two videos that introduce scientific studies on the bio-electrical natural of humans. EFT taps into this system that was discovered thousands of years ago. 

Electric Nature of Man and Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Electricity and the Electronic Man

Bjorn Nordenstrom – Electricity and… by BeHealthy