Family & Relationships

EFT is able to help with relationship issues as it works on emotional levels that relationships are build on. EFT is able to switch off negative emotions and install positives. A common statement in relationships is 'I can forgive but I cannot forget'. This is not forgiveness but it is honest as that person is stating an unspoken fact – I cannot forget as I still feel hurt, sorrow, betrayed, anger, helplessness, bitter and a host of other negative emotions. In order to really forgive and heal from all this painful emotions we need to remove them first only then can we truly forgive. Forgiveness heals. EFT removes the emotional barriers that stop forgiveness from healing our lives and restoring our relationships. 
Family, marital, friends, love relationships will find EFT to be tool that can restore and even improve relationships.
-Isaac Lim
Case Story: Family Issues Affecting Studies
A student who had been failing his exams came to me for help and we did tapping on his anxieties about facing the exam and examiners.  It helped but he was still lacking confidence. The tapping must have triggered something because after 2 rounds, he started telling me about his anger towards his dad who had left his mom and taken another wife.  So we tapped on this with some reframing statements, after which he was much more confident when I asked him to think of his exams.  He passed the exams and has graduated since.
Submitted by
Prof. Shaliza Ibrahim
EFT Lv.2
NLP Master/Hypnotherapy