What is Anxiety?
Anxiety disorder are seen in phobia, social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, and post-traumatic stress.[9] The physical effects of anxiety may include heart palpitationstachycardiamuscle weakness and tension, fatiguenauseachest painshortness of breathheadache, dizziness, stomach aches, or tension headaches. As the body prepares to deal with a threat, blood pressure, heart rate, perspiration, blood flow to the major muscle groups are increased, while immune and digestive functions are inhibited. These are the stress response, External signs of anxiety may include pallor, sweating, trembling, and pupillary dilation. Someone who has anxiety disorder might also experience a sense of dread or panic attacks.Those who suffer from anxieties need to know the root cause and have it remove once for all. Stress management with EFT helps to lower and manage stress hormones and it's symptoms while the root causes are identified and removed.
Case Story: Health Anxiety
“Mr. Tan”, a healthy looking young man, wanted to purchase medical insurance and had to go for a mandatory medical check-up as a pre-requisite. The blood test indicated he was diabetic with a reading of 7.5. The doctor sternly told Mr. Tan that he had to drastically change his lifestyle from now on if he does not want to die young. Mr. Tan was shocked to discover he had diabetes and that he could no longer live his normal lifestyle or enjoy food without worrying about his glucose levels. He requested a second blood test to confirm this as he would not be able to qualify for the medical insurance except at a higher premium being in the high risk category.  Five days later the test result came back negative. He thought he would be relieved, but instead he continued to feel a sense of fear, dread and doom that refused to go away. He was suffering from an acute anxiety disorder.  Mr. Tan came for an EFT session and that was all he needed to remove his anxiety permanently. People often experience negative emotions, but when they are not processed correctly, they can become stuck in our bodies resulting in ongoing symptoms.
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Isaac Lim
EFT Lv.3
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