Isaac Lim

Isaac Lim is the founder and head of the Energy Psychology Centre of Malaysia. He is also the leader of the Malaysian EFT Chapter under AHPM/ FCNMAM a Ministry of Health approved T&CM association. The Malaysia EFT Chapter organised by Energy Psychology Centre is the primary vehicle for creating awareness and advances on EFT and producing trained EFT practitioners in the region. The aim of the Chapter is to promote EFT as a preventative and therapeutic tool, and to create awareness on the importance of processing stress and other negative emotions among professionals and laypeople alike.

Isaac Lim currently conducts therapy at his office in his retirement facility for both internal and external clients. Isaac can help them make sense of their subconscious feelings and beliefs as to why they feel and act as they do. This helps to map out their treatment and recovery plan. Clients are also empowered by Isaac so that they no longer feel helpless, but have greater control over their own lives and health. This allows him to even help those who have dissociated themselves from their true feelings and memories. He is then able to clear energy blockages gently and quickly. He specializes in pain management, both emotional and physical as psychosomatic issues of stress and trauma. He has clients from all walks of life, including international clients. Isaac has been using his incredible talents to help hundreds of people around the world, many of whom were considered “lost causes” by the medical establishment. 

In addition, Isaac has been the administrator of the Gracevilla Retirement Centre for almost 24 years. He is a geriatric manager certified under the Malaysian MKPMKM development program. His role entails liaising with doctors, psychiatrists and physiotherapists in the management of the geriatric care of the elderly residents in the centre. During the course of his work and through his own personal health crisis, he realised the need for more holistic approach to health care to complement existing western practices that rely heavily on medication. He has since pursued this conviction.

Appointments may be made with Isaac Lim here.

  • Associated Member of Malaysian Psychotherapy Association
  • Member of the Association of Hypnotherapist Practitioners Malaysia AHPM/FCNMAM 
  • Member of Malaysian Qigong Therapy Society
  • Member of IACT
  • Certified under the American Board of NLP practitioners
  • Certified Human Resource Ministry (HRDF) Trainer
  • Certified GoE International Trainer (Australia)
  • Certified Master Practitioner  in Energy EFT
  • Certified Master Energy in Motion
  • Certified Modern Stress Management Trainer
  • Certified as EFT–ADV (advanced) by EFT Master Dr. Patricia Carrington (US)
  • Certified Level 3 under EFT Master Peter Graham in Australia
  • Attended Dr. Maggie Phillips (US) workshops on Somatic and Energy Therapy and on Healing Pain and Trauma
  • Certified Advanced training in Hypnotherapy under Dr. George Bien
  • Certified Competency in Geriatric Care by University Malaya -Medical Faculty
  • Certificate of Attendance in Basic Energy Medicine by Akamai University Hawaii
  • Certificate of Attendance in Effective Counselling in Clinical Practice.
  • Certified as WMQ Medical Qigong practitioner in medical healing and as an instructor in Qigong wellness exercise certified NOSS Ministry of Human Resources.