(Certificate course. Content approved by Gary Craig) All Workshops conducted by Isaac Lim.

For everyone who would like to master EFT not only to improve their quality of life or heal themselves but also others. Parents and teachers who wants emotionally healthy children. Pastors and counselors who are dealing with people. Trainers in human resource. Coachers in performance issues. Caregivers of the elderly and special children. Therapist who wants to enhance their professional work and adding another tool to their trade. Those who would like to become EFT therapist.

Please note that these are EFT certificate workshops and must follow recommended hours of trainings. Half day EFT workshops do not comply with Gary Craig’s approved recommendations. These courses are design to be result orientated and practical. It will provide a strong foundation to build on for any future therapist and a healthy, happy lifestyle for everyone.

*Package 1

EFT level 1 – rm.550 p/p         (1day workshop) Look out for early bird promo and group discounts!
EFT Manual Lv.1, 2 CD, 1no. DVD, refreshment and certificate.

*Package 2

EFT Level  2 – rm. 1,250 p/p   (2 days workshop )
EFT Lv.1 package plus EFT Lv.2 manual, a free copy of full set EFT Course CD/ DVD’s(9 nos +-24 hrs), refreshment and certificates.

*Package 3

EFT Level 1 & 2 – rm.1,450    (1+2 days workshop actual cost rm.1,800)
EFT Lv.1 package plus EFT Lv.2 manual, a free copy of full set EFT Course CD/ DVD’s(9 nos +-24 hrs), refreshment and certificates.

What Participants Are Saying About The EFT Workshops.

“I had the fear of driving at night . Each time , I drive, I fear that the car behind would knock into my back. The reason is because on 2 occasions – I was hit on the back. One time while I was waiting at the traffic light and another while driving on the MMR …at 80mph. It was while I was attending the EFT course conducted by Mr. Isaac Lim that he did the ‘EFT’ tapping on me ….. back home I also did the tapping on myself. The next time I drove, the fear just vanished. I can now say that I do not fear the car behind me anymore. Thank you.”  -Philip Chai, Ampang
“Amazing! Easy to learn and apply and I got immediate results! A must have technique for all.” – H.T.Wong

“Workshop was made easy to understand with relevant examples and videos.” – Tim Fernandez “Very interesting and effective method of healing. Simple and easy!!!” – Roy Tan

“It is helpful to heal ourselves without medicine and within a few minutes”. – Grace Chan

“The practical exercise was good as I got to experience 1st.hand how EFT help removed the fear of a car accident and pain in the nape of my  neck’. – Kenny Koh

“I came to the workshop very skeptical – but had many of my questions answered and will definately try to use EFT in my life and that of my family, Thank you.”-Christine K.
“Thanks Isaac ! Enjoyed your workshop.” – Rebecca Yam

“A new alternative to psychotherapy/hypnosis healing that can help oneself.”  – A.H.Mow

“Most enjoyable – Isaac is a genuine and caring person. Thanks very much.”  – Michele B. Boeglin

“Gives me the confidence to practise it on myself and others.” –  Zainon Yahya


For coperate companies who believes that the value of the company is in the quality of its workers. Stress often sap the energy, capacity, corperativeness and creativity of the workers and reduces effeciency and increases work absentism. health cost and project delays due to stress related conditions. While most stress management workshops emphasizes on removing or avoiding stressors (causes of stress) like taking more vacations and changing jobs or work environment, IZ Stress Management Workshop believes stressors are part of our lives but the stress states that are in our bodies are not and as a therapist Isaac Lim will help the participants identify these stress states in their bodies and remove it on the spot. He will equip them  with the knowledge and techniques to remove it by themselves to help overcome stress, improve efficiency and company productivity. Cigerrette addictions and procrastinations are only symptoms of stress states that will also be dealt with . The staff will feel recharge, renewed and more relaxed after the workshop. All these in 4 hours! That is productivity.

What Participants Are Saying About The IZ Stress Management Workshops.
Eye opening experience into how simple one can reduce one’s own stress states.”  – Susie (Observer -Burgess Rawson)
“Opening of a new paradigm shift and knowledge to arrest stress problems face by the individual in workplace, home and etc.” Jeffrey (Manager -Burgess Rawson)
“I am impressed when I experienced the energy shift when earlier I was sceptical.” Raymond (Manager -Burgess Rawson)
“This workshop had made me moe relaxed, Made me understand more about my body. The EFT techniques will be useful to lead me to better living. Thank you.”  – Dato  A. Kamarudin
“Very informative and an eye opener for me. Never though stress management can be so easy and fun” – Leong Mun Kit
“I was very interested to attend this because I have stress problems when I came back to Malaysia. But now I feel better after trying the EFT tapping procedure.” -Jackie Wong
“Informative and methodically presented. The awareness of certain stress related issues ; how to overcome it without medication. Also disovered the differance between stress states and stress factors!! A Saturday morning well benefitting.” – Bernatte Gan


Isaac Lim offers personal therapy sessions removing physical and emotional pain with EFT, NLP, Medical Qigong and other healing modalities.

He works at an empathic and intuitive level with real time diagnosis of emotional blocks and issues. His unique abilities meant faster results and success when other methods fail or are slow. All this without drugs and with a gentle approach. If you had tried it all and are disappointed by the results perhaps it is time to consult Isaac Lim.

  • Women issues – menapause, painful or irregular menses, candida overgrowth, infertility due to stress, other
  • Sleep problems -from insomnia, constant nightmares to uneventful sleep.
  • PTSD or post traumatic stress disorders -with flashbacks, hypervigilance, intrusive thoughts, anxieties due to accidents, robbery, snatch thief, rape, violence, abuse and others.
  • Pain management -Removal or reducing chronic and acute pain. Migraines within minutes. Sprains, backaches and long term accident related injuries. Phantom pains.
  • Relationship & Emotional pain – due to prolong bereavenment, jilted, love pain, abandonment, marital issues,  relationships and other issues affecting normal life and health.
  • Addictions– Cigarettes, chocolates, sweets and others that affects health and image (drug addiction not included).
  • Weight Loss Programme – removing mental and emotional blocks to weight loss, eliminate cravings and increase metabolic rate. This programme is for you if you had tried dieting, slimming course and exercise only to have your weight remain or return. We don’t count calories or use drugs. We change your habit from inside and the outside will take care of itself.
  • Abundance– If you feel that you are stuck with poor health or wealth issues for too long it is time to remove limiting beliefs and negative emotions that is preventing you from enjoying abundance.

What Clients Are Saying.

“I suffered three days of migraine that pain killers could only dull for 3-4 hours but Isaac Lim removed it in 20 minutes!”  Ms Wee -PJ

” I had been suffering from cramps on both legs for the past 5 years and it was getting worse. I dread going to sleep as I often wake up with agonizing cramps either on my calf, ankle or toes.I took muscle relaxant and Neurobion but it was of little help. I even used an electrode device to relief the cramping but it does not prevent it. After a particular painful episode of almost hourly cramps Isaac Lim did EFT for me and the next night there was only two slight cramps, the next day none, now this is day 16th. and there has been absolutely no cramps at all what a relief!

Mdm.Wee, Petaling Jaya

Working with Isaac and EFT has transformed my life. Through Isaac’s creativity, insight and expertise, I have been able to heal deep childhood traumas, particularly inner child issues. What would normally take years in regular therapy we are able to achieve in just a session or two! I am happier, lighter and healthier than I ever have been before. Even my husband says that I am a different person! Every day I say a little prayer of thanks for Isaac and EFT!

Sarah C.  – United States

SMS from a Uni-Student who came to me for therapy and attended my EFT Level 1 workshop.

Dear Mr. Isaac Lim,

I just got my calculus result…I got an A!! Thank you for your help in dealing with my anxiety disorder…your tapping techniques had help me a lot!! About a year ago I really lost hope in my studies, and my life…I was always angry, upset, depressed and disappointed with myself and the people around me…I felt so depressed that I had to stop studying. I though my depression would never end. But then I meet you six months later…and you taught me how to tap and to process my feelings..Your techniques were amazing…I felt the result instantly. The anxiety that I felt for so long and the constant pain around my chest vanished!! I never though I could continue studying engineering again..Now I have confidence in myself. Your help has been a great impact on my life and family. Thank you Mr.Isaac Lim!!

May God Bless you.

Muhammad Fauzi

* All participants are considered to have taken medical checks that they are not suffering from fractures and other life threatening conditions. EFT and other therapeutic modalities are complementary and not relacement for current medical  treatment. Unlike drugs there are no reported negative side effects. Complementary therapies promoted here do not use drugs but neither does it disallow it. Any changes in drug prescribtion are by your medical doctors as your health improves. Participants are deem to have taken responsibility for their own health.


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