Online Sessions

EFT support from anywhere in the world!

New technologies such as Skype and Zoom has made therapeutic support possible no matter where you are located. Plus, Isaac Lim’s incredible ability to use remote empathic diagnosis means that the results are the same, whether you are in his therapy office in Malaysia or sitting at your computer in the UK. This is not traditional talk therapy but a quick, pro-active method with immediate results.

Benefits of Online Therapy
  • Save on travelling time and cost. Distance is not an issue, only time zones.
  • Relax in the comfort of your own home.
  • Skype software and video calls are free!

“After I moved out of Malaysia, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to continue my therapy with Isaac. But with Skype, it’s like nothing has changed at all! I get the same support and results as if I were in the office. I love working with Isaac – in person or remotely!”

-Katy C., United States

“My daughter started therapy sessions with Mr. Isaac Lim while she was living in Malaysia and continued to do so via Skype after she moved to San Francisco. I was very skeptical about this collaboration via Skype, but she insisted that it works for her. My husband passed away in December 2016 and the grief was overwhelming. I suffered from panic attacks, lack of appetite and sleeplessness, and a myriad of other problems associated with losing my husband of 46 years. My daughter gave me a session with Mr.Isaac Lim as a Christmas gift and I reluctantly accepted. Since that first session January I have worked with Mr.Isaac Lim weekly via Skype and I am stunned by the progress I have made. I turned from a skeptic into a believer and am looking forward to our weekly sessions. The scope of his expertise is incredible. During our last session we worked on feeling nauseated, lack of energy, and breaking out in sweats. My girlfriend had the same symptoms and said that it is a lingering “bug” that took her weeks to overcome. Well, I worked with Mr.Isaac Lim on this problem and the symptoms were gone the next day.Losing half of my life after 46 years is/was extremely traumatic and Mr.Isaac Lim’s help has saved my sanity, and I can say, my life. Thank you, Isaac.”

Skype client from US

Try it today!
To set up a remote therapy session with Isaac:
    1. Required: Skype account (free account available here) or I can send Skype Meet Now link and video capabilities.
    2. Email me your request and I will forward a questionnaire and consent form to be filled and returned.
    3. Payment: outside Malaysia – PayPal payment; Within Malaysia – bank transfer to Public Bank account. (Please note local and international rates differ – contact me for details.)
    4. Email me your payment slip and Skype name and suggest available dates and zone times. 
    5. Add me to your Skype contacts: isaaclim2u
    6. Make the necessary payment in advance. First session is normally 1.5 hours. Payment can be made by Paypal button below. Select the drop down session time you require. Thank you.
    7. At the appointed time, make sure your Skype status is visible and I will message that I am ready to video call you.
      Let’s begin!
      Sound easy? You will be amazed that the energetic connection is better than the internet connection.
      Begin your healing through Skype now!

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