Case Story: Father's Death
"Mr. Chan" is in his early forties. His dad passed away a month ago. Since then, he has complained about getting tired easily, not sleeping well and his head feeling tight. His condition was not improving even though he had been to a few doctors. I asked him what he thought was causing these symptoms, and he replied that an image of his dad kept coming into his mind. I asked him to tell the story of his father's death, and after the first round of tapping, tears came to Mr. Chan's eyes. He kept apologizing, saying that he had never cried in front of people before. I reassured him that it was alright, that it is not a matter of right or wrong but just emotions coming up. After few rounds of tapping, he took a long yawn.  Instead of feeling intense grief and resentment, he said he felt more calm and peaceful.  He came for second session a week later.  When I asked him about the grief and resentment about his dad, he said he felt calm when we talked about his dad and that he has more energy, sleeps better and the tightness in his head had gone. There was a smile on his face while we were talking.
Submitted by 
Jack Lee
EFT Practitioner Level 2
Wonderful Emotional Freedom Centre
Ipoh, Malaysia

EFT Case Story- Emotional Closure Leads to Ulcer closure.

Recently I helped a women who had lost her mother about a year ago and she never found closure. She could not cry and yet she feels grief and pain whenever she thinks of her. 
I asked her to picture her mother and a strong sense of rejection came up. It seems they had some disagreement in the past as both were strong minded but they still continue in their conflicted relationship as mother and daughter. However after the mother pass away she felt that her mother died feeling unhappy with her and with all the disagreement they had. She felt rejected.  About that time she developed an ulcer under her left foot aggravated by her diabetes. It refused to heal after a year but instead got worse.

After a session with me for grief I help her find closure and she could finally think of her mum without usual feelings of rejection and sadness. A week later she told me a strange story. She had a prior appointment with her doctor for her foot ulcer thinking she would need more drastic treatment but her doctor looked surprised and asked her if she had done any treatment for her ulcer as it was drying up and closing! She replied, 'No' and then she realised the only treatment she had was with me and it was to find emotional closure and that helped her foot to start closing her stubborn open sore. She was convinced it was more than a coincidence as it was there for a year and getting worse before our therapy session. It is yet another example of psychosomatic issue where our emotions and mind affects our physical body and healing abilities. 

Submitted by 

Isaac Lim

EFT Level 3/Advance