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EFT Chapter Malaysia

The EFT Chapter  Malaysia is made up of a community of EFT practitioners, EFT Level 1 graduates and those who are avid followers. We call or refer to ourselves as ‘tappers’ or ‘energist’. We are made up of more than 60 EFT members who share the same love and conviction that EFT has made a difference in our lives. EFT helps support us to not just survive, but grow, thrive and develop ourselves in health and happiness.

We meet quarterly at our Tappers Gathering to share our experiences, testimonies, latest EFT techniques and news. This makes us feel that we are a close knit community that understands and basically supports each other. We constantly communicate in our members only ‘EFT Tappers Gathering whatsapp group’. If you would like to join you can be an automatic member by attending any of our EFT workshops or request to join giving us a background of how you came to learn and practice EFT. We want to see our EFT community grow with like minded, positive EFT enthusiast.

 State of Malaysia’s Emotional Health 
  • Malaysian Psychiatric Association estimates that up to 30% of the population has an anxiety disorder in their lifetime.[1]
  • 6% of Malaysians have suicidal thoughts due to stress.[2]  
  • The suicide rate has increased to between nine and 12 persons per 100,000 people compared with eight in the 1980s. The rate among Indian-Malaysians is particularly alarming, at between 30 and 35 persons per 100,000 people.[3]
  • 20% of Malaysian children and 11% of adults have stress-related mental problems.[4]  
  • Malaysians aged 70 and 74 have the most stress-related problems (19.5%), followed by those aged between 16 and 19 (14.4%) .[5]
  • Around 14% of Malaysian adults have acute sleeping problems.[6]
  • In Malaysia, 13% of children aged between 5 – 15 years old suffer from a mental health disorder that severely disrupts their ability to function at home, in school, or in their community.[7]
  • Malaysia may have up to one million addicts in our country of 25 million, or 4% of the total population. Compare this to the United States where it is estimated that one in 3,000 are addicts, or only 0.03% of their population.[8]
Many Malaysians have helped themselves manage and overcome stress, anxiety, depression and other emotional issues with EFT. You can seek help by making an appointment with usJoin our EFT workshop or meet us informally at our Tappers Gathering. Learn more about the EFT Chapter of Malaysia

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