What is trauma?
Trauma is caused by single or repeated events or experiences. It causes negative emotional reactions that remain stuck in the person for as long as it is not properly process. The mind and body remembers the trauma as a means of warning the victim of similar event. However anxieties, panic attacks, phobias and hyper vigilance triggers repeatedly when the memories of the events are directly or indirectly brought up in daily life. This causes the victim to avoid situations and places that triggers these emotional reactions. It meant living with restrictions and anxieties. The trauma victim may not even understand or be aware of why they are behaving in that manner. Rape, accidents, abuses, violence, bullying are some of the causes of trauma. Memories of the event maybe suppressed but never the emotional memory. Physiological reactions like dyspepsia, chest pain, OCD, IBS may present itself.
Case Story: Motorbike Accident Trauma
I have a competent student who graduated among the top in her class, and continued to do postgraduate studies with me. However, I noticed that she was constantly paranoid about something. I wanted to send her to Jakarta for a training programme and she was very nervous about it. So I sat her down and asked what the problem was. She went on to explain all the worries she had about staying for a month in Jakarta, so I suggested sending another student to accompany her. At some point in the conversation, she mentioned an accident that had happened in which she was thrown out from her motorbike. She was visibly still traumatized by this accident. We did about two rounds of tapping and another session after that. Immediately after the first session I could see color return to her face and her confidence rise. She was able to go to Jakarta, complete the programme and is now a thriving candidate for a Master's degree.
Submitted by
Prof. Shaliza Ibrahim
EFT Lv.2
NLP Master/Hypnotherapy