Physical Pain

Physical Pain

While many assume that pain is all physical there is a portion that is emotional. When our hands are injured we will have emotions like blame, anger, frustration, helplessness and others. This emotional aspect of pain becomes more acute when the physical injury becomes chronic. Sometimes physical healing has taken place but the pain persist. These pain need to be treated with EFT as they are psychosomatic. All pain have both physical and emotional aspects and holistic pain mangement means treating pain from both aspects.

The Mayo Clinic is one of the most famous research and teaching hospitals in the world. According to its web site, “there is no cure for fibromyalgia.”

Yet a randomized controlled trial of EFT for fibromyalgia has shown that in many cases, symptoms like pain, muscular tenderness, fatigue, and “brain fog” clear up completely after tapping. Several studies show pain dropping by more than 50%. Here’s what one practitioner says: 

"Today I saw my doctor. He was astounded at my progress after EFT. He has four young children, and his wife has fibromyalgia. He asked me for advice!"

– Priscilla M.

According to one doctor:

“One of my patients with fibromyalgia began using EFT, and 7 weeks later was free of all symptoms and remained so.”

– Alain Seligman, MD

"Susie" had an acute pain in her chest area that came on and off, especially at night. She was sometimes short of breath. She underwent a number of heart-related tests, but the doctors found nothing was wrong with her. So I did a EFT session with her. Although she did not have the pain during the session since the therapy was in the morning, I did the tapping as though it were present. I noticed that she sighed a few times while tapping. She said she felt light and calm after few rounds. I received an enthusiastic call the next day from Susie who said the chest pain she had been suffering from for years was gone. It has been six months since this session and has not returned.
Submitted by 
Siva Anamalay
EFT Lv.2/NLP Master/Hypnotherapy Adv
“Florence” had suffered a knife injury some three years ago that still troubles her especially when the weather turns colder.  It was a freak kitchen accident when she knocked down a knife and, when she turned around to retrieve it, the knife pierced her ankle.  Her reflex was to shake it off but it only cut deeper.  The emotional scars from this experience was being called “stupid and clumsy” by her husband. He told her it’s just a flesh wound, stop crying and finish cooking the dinner before he took her to the doctor.  The doctor said, “If the knife had cut a little deeper, her tendon would have been completely severed”. She spent two months on crutches and her husband was not there to help her as he had to travel for a project the next day. The recovery was difficult without emotional support as she was partially immobile.
I approached her healing by working on the emotional aspect of being called stupid and being treated like her well-being was not important.  I had to work on low self esteem, abandonment, anger and the trauma of the knife piercing in. The following week I asked her about her ankle, and she suddenly realized that she had forgotten all about the problem as her ankle did not bother her the whole week. As she touched her ankle she said in surprise, “I can feel my scar when before there was no feelings and my skin around the scar is no longer taunt and tight but now has wrinkles!” Her scar was beginning to heal again and there was no more pain.
Submitted by
Isaac Lim
EFT Lv.3&Adv/NLP/Medical Qigong/Hypnotherapy Adv
I was very enthusiastic about the new technique that I learned from Mr. Isaac Lim’s workshop on how to handle stress through EFT and started practicing it myself. It was a blessing in disguise for me to have learnt it for myself and was soon making good use of it to share with others.  Being able to feel so happy and relieved at the same time was wonderful.
My first client was a woman who complained that her fingers (middle and ring finger) were unable to extend fully due to trigger finger. She had sought medical treatment without any improvement. I offered to teach her EFT in Chinese to ensure she understood it correctly. We went through three rounds of EFT making sure she fully understood the basic recipe. I then requested her to concentrate on the discomfort and visualize its location  (in the fingers) and asked her to be very specific about both physical and emotional feelings. I suggested  she closed her eyes if she was unable to concentrate on the issue because of distractions around her. With her eyes closed, I requested her to imagine the affected part of her fingers and magnify that part and to keep reminding herself where the discomfort was. It was crucial to request the client to close her eyes because I could sense a lot of distraction and she was unable to stop looking elsewhere. After closing her eyes, I was could feel her being able to focus. Her limited mobility was obvious as she tried to extend her fingers and ended up having to use the other hand to pry her fingers open.
After each round of tapping, I requested her to try extending her fingers, and it was great that there were minor improvements. Tapping together also help me to feel good. Tapping as a team benefits both parties. She told me that she had to end the session early, and I requested her to continue doing EFT as time permits.
After several weeks, I inquired about her EFT tapping and she happily told me that she is now able to normally extend her fingers. She was so excited by the results that she now shares EFT with her friends.
Submitted by
Leong Mun Kit
EFT Practitioner Lv.2 (EPC/MSCM)
Clinical Hypnotherapist
“Gina” had suffered whiplash in a car accident six years ago. Intense physiotherapy and other methods were used in helping her recovery. However, treatment success was only partial and she was still in pain. She could rotate her head only 70 degrees to the right. After one session of EFT, she was pain free and could achieve almost a normal rotation.  The psychological distress from the car accident remained unprocessed in her energy body. Other therapies had focused on physical healing but not on emotional trauma.   Not all people are as responsive as Gina; however, many people can experience relief to onedegree or another with EFT, and often more quickly than in conventional treatments.
Submitted by
Isaac Lim
EFT Lv.3&Adv (EFT Chapter Leader)

Severe Stomach Pains

Ruby, 42 had been having stomach aches (what is generally thought to be gastric pains) for many year (a least since 10 years back that she remembers). She thought it was largely due to her effort to lose weight by dieting, which in her case meant eating very little, missing meals and just taking coffee to stem any hunger. One day the pains became very severe, worried that it may be her appendix. She went to the doctor and got some medicines – antacids and an antibiotic to rule out bacteria mainly.

She met me before taking the medications and we did EFT for the pain. She described it as sharp, pulling pain that comes and goes. This time when the pain came, it was to the side. She would stop and grimace as if in really severe painher estimate was 9. We started doing the basic tapping with the phrase “this sharp pain in my stomach”. It went down to 6. Another round with “this remaining…” added in and the pain lessened to 2. She said felt it towards the right side and it disappeared completely from there. But some pain started to emerge in the middle of the stomach at slightly higher intensity of 3-4it seemed to have moved.  We tapped further referring to the specific area – “this pain in the middle of my stomach” and it completely went away. Zero intensity.

Since it had been a recurring problem over the years, I asked a bit of history and realized the severe gastric pains began when her husband left her for another woman and she started to lose interest in eating and drank only coffee (and maybe had a little bread) for about 2 weeks. I asked further about the feelings she had at that time. Many issues came up – anger, sadness, blow to self-esteem (obsession with being slim), fear (she had just had her child), worry. We began tapping with some of these aspects, but I left her to do more by herself.

A few days later after the medication was completed, the stomach pains came, but at a much lesser intensity and frequency. As we spoke further, she said she started to ‘diet’ again. Seems obvious that such a long-standing problem has many aspects to it that have to be cleared before the whole issue disappears.

Submitted by

Justin Victor

EFT Practitioner Lv.2 (EPC/MSCM)

University Lecturer