EFT Workshop – Level 2

The EFT Level 2 Workshop meets the international standards set forth by Gary Craig’s required syllabus. It also includes an additional 40% more information than the classic course, and includes topics such as cognitive behavioral therapy, safety intention and neuroplasicity. This will lead to *membership practitioner certificate from EPC & by MSCM.



You Will Learn:

  • To identify the root causes of your limiting beliefs and how to change them
  • To use alternative tools such as the reframing process, choices methods, intention-setting and safe places
  • To use short cuts to enable faster results
  • To utilize cutting-edge diagnostic methods, such as muscle testing, intuitive testing, surrogated testing and empathic diagnosis which will allow you to tune into the feelings and emotional health of clients even from a distance
  • To help sufferers of chronic pain at a cellular level
  • To conduct EFT group therapy
  • To start your own EFT business and attract new clients
  • To become a member of the EFT Chapter of the Energy Psychology Chapter of Malaysia and Malaysian Society of Complementary Medicine certified as practitioner in Malaysia.
Next Workshop:
DATES:               25 & 26th (Saturday & Sunday) June 2016
TIME:                  9:00am – 5:00pm
VENUE:               Energy Psychology Centre at No.11,Jalan 4/47, 46050, PJ (map)
COST:                 RM1,350 
EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT! Pay 10 days before event – only RM1,250!

*For MSCM Practitioner membership certificate a qualifiying exam is required – This will take about 2 hours normally the following weekend – only Rm.50. It will be in two parts:

a) Written objective exam (30 minutes) based on 2 DVDs

b) Practical 1.5 hrs where practitioners will do live demonstration of techniques and therapies and will be assessed by examiner and fellow practitioners.

c) Submission of membership forms and fees http://www.eftwonder.com/join-membership


REGISTRATION:  For more information or to register, contact Isaac Lim here
[stextbox id=”info”]BONUS! Free DVDs! Workshop includes 3 DVD’s from Gary Craig’s EFT Course – for FREE! Worth RM300![/stextbox]
What past participants are saying about the Level 2 Workshop
Isaac is very hands-on and result-oriented in his approach. Love the exercise/practice sessions. I didn’t have to wait until the end of the workshop to know that EFT works!  -Bryan O.
Very inspiring, gives hope to help oneself and others. I can take charge of myself.  -Prof. Shaliza I.
It is more than what I expected and I can’t wait to help others all around me. – Mun Kit L.
Brilliant, fun, ready to practice what I have learned.  – Jack L.
Eye opening, life-changing, empowering. – Anisah J.
Indeed an experience worth talking about and buzzing to all my friends. – Shobana
It was fun, very informative, useful for my career. – Emily Lee
It was a a good experience and I would like to use it for my practice (naturopath). – Nurul Zayani
I am blessed to meet Isaac. I am grateful to be able to learn from him. He is so passionate and patient to teach. He is a good listener. – AuK Murat 
Isaac is a fun trainer and participants are very genuine and interested. I feel motivated. – Cheok
Very good in terms of learning the techniques, practising it and at the same time working on personal issues. Triple -whammy. – Justin Victor