EFT Workshop – Level 1


These approved workshops will give you a firm foundation in EFT that you will never obtain from ‘You tube’. Due to the prevalence of videos many DIY enthusiast unfortunately think they ‘already know’ EFT. Gary Craig calls these people ‘surface’ EFT practitioners as that is as far as their abilities go – working on the surface of issues and unable to go deeper. This inability to go deeper led to misconceptions that EFT cannot resolve deeper issues. We do not want this to happen to anyone. 

EFT Workshops






The EFT Level 1 Workshop introduces the participant to a world of healing that is elegant and fast. It meets the international standards set forth by founder Gary Craig’s required syllabus and more. Isaac Lim has added 40% more material from his experience and research to give you a firm understanding of energy based healing.

Who should attend: EFT Level 1 is for everyone with emotions. It can help both the ordinary person and the experienced therapist. This workshop is for you if you are serious about taking control of your health and life.

What to expect: The workshop is not just an “introduction” to EFT, but is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to heal yourself and, when diligently applied, to help others, too. Unlike other energy healing modalities, it does not require a period of “energizing” to start healing. The workshop is results-orientated so you will personally experience healing and get real results during the workshop itself. 

You Will Learn:

  • How energy healing works and its suggested scientific basis 
  • How our anatomy is bio-electromagnetic
  • How Energy Psychology was discovered and why it works
  • How EFT can make healing so simple and elegant
  • How EFT works for many issues
  • How studies have proven EFT’s effectiveness
  • How to use the EFT Tapping protocol
  • How to remove physical pain
  • How to apply it effectively using a baseline and testing
  • How to identify resistance and aspects
  • Psychosomatic effects from dis-ease to disease.
  • How to listen to your body for better emotional awareness
  • How to remove emotional pain
  • How to use the Personal Peace Timeline to clear your life of emotional baggage
  • How to use the Movie Technique to clear traumas
  • Introduction on EFT for addictions and cravings
  • How to get your first 10 cases in the first month
  • Next Workshop:
  • Date: 4th (Sat) June 2016
  • Time: 9am-5pm  
  • Venue: Energy Psychology Centre
  • Investment: Only rm.550.00                      
  • Early Bird Offer: (Pay a week before ) only rm.499
  • Bonus: Free gifts worth rm.120 – free 1 nos audio CDs & 1no. DVD. 
  • Package EFT Level 1 & *2: with more Bonus FREE more than 20 hours of DVD on EFT Training course worth Rm.450 + save Rm.300!! Normal Rm.1,900 now Rm.1,600!

*( Tentative dates for Level 2 is 25th & 26th June)

What past participants are saying about the Level 1 Workshop

“I want to use it immediately because it can help anyone…I will help myself and start helping others.” -MKL, Manager
“An eye opening experience to a whole new level of understanding our body and emotions.” – Amira J., Student
“Very useful and empowering. I feel like I can heal…”  Sarah C. – Manager, International Women’s NGO
“Fantastic, very practical and result-orientated.”  -Sivan K., Counsellor UTAR
“Good – will try it on my family, clients and friends.”  -Sarkuna D., Physiotherapist
“Amazing and will continue practising it.”   -Helmy M., CEO