Pandemic Stress

EFT and Work-Related Stress.
How EFT can Help with Work-Related Stress.

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Working from home becomes a nightmare when lines are blurred and boundaries trampled

How EFT can Help with Work-Related Stress.

Even before the start of the Pandemic, I have helped clients suffering from burnt outs and work stress related anxieties and panic attacks to recover. Now with the ‘new normal’, social environment and work from home requirements the boundaries where you can just cut off and destress at home is no longer available.
For some, it is convenient and safe, for others a nightmare when the employer thinks you are available 24×7. When work stress invades your sanctuary there is a need to draw boundaries and observe office hours.
Talk to your boss and show them the doctor’s letter that you can only do so much. With economic fallout businesses are cutting back on employees and delegating two or more person jobs to one person to handle. If this option is not possible see a stress management therapist.

The ideal and most important thing you can do is go to a therapist. As an EFT therapist, I have helped many clients to destress. Stop working or even resigning is not a solution as the stress is still in you and the anxiety and panic attacks continue because you have been traumatised by the experience. You may have thought that you could find a less stressful job by resigning but even the thought of working again can triggers anxieties. This can drag on for months even years. Medicating it is just to tranquilise it and is not a long term solution. It is only dealing with symptoms and not the cause.
The solution is to process and remove the trauma and destress the accumulation of stress in your body.
Only then can you feel normal again and functional. This is the fastest way to recover. Waiting for your body and mind to recover on its own can take months and never fully heals. Anxieties still trigger and few can afford to stop work for too long due to financial needs.
Using Modern Stress Management (MSM) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EEFT/EFT) we can effectively help you to recover and teach you preventive techniques in 5 to 8 hours of sessions for work stress.

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